NetSuite business solution

NetSuite business solution is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution built from the ground up for the cloud. The system is compliant and suitable to multi subsidiary, multi currency companies with activities both within and abroad of Sweden. Enable the system in the cloud lowers your costs of ownership and reduces time consuming hassles for IT. With one unified data model spanning your back office financials to customer records to professional services provides complete visibility and simplified user experience. Today over 40,000 organizations running their businesses in the Cloud and NetSuite is 10 times larger than the nearest cloud competitor. This means 10 times the resources for R&D resulting in comprehensive functionality with industry-specific solutions. Thanks to this your ERP solution now works the way your business works.

xperitus offers NetSuite services within several business vertical for example Financials, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Wholesale and E-commerce. Our consultants have extensive experience from industry specific business processes and together with NetSuite application knowledge we form an powerful tool. Our experience will be a key feature when implement and/or upgrade NetSuite to your specific business needs. Most of xperitus consultants are based in Jönköping and operates in Sweden and the Nordic market. Together with our partner network Redfaire International we also offer local resources in the global market outside of Sweden.




As your business changes you can adapt your business system. Scale up, spin off and adopt new business models with the build in flexibility NetSuite lets you do it all quickly and easily. Meanwhile version lock is a thing of the past with automated updates of your system as well as standard configurations.

COMMERCE-READY Business Software

Your core business system now becomes your customer facing commerce system. The system is customizable after customer specific needs and generates a pixel perfect experience.

Describes that NetSuite is a globla ERP system


Real-time analytics as a user interface helps your employees know What they should be doing and How they are helping the business. Placing easily accessible reports and key performance indicators on the user dashboard will also increase employee efficiency. In this way vital business data is analyzed and displayed from right within the system.


Cloud based and mobile enabled solution for the modern business. Cloud ERP frees the modern business from antiquated PC-based systems locked behind the firewall.

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